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Nature, Our Greatest Teacher
and The Blue Pearl

Exhibition 2012

Nature can transcend our thoughts, desires and curiosities and push creativity beyond limits if we will only be still and listen. Some of my interest is to express the delightful curiosity of nature, particularly the color and light quality. I also delight in the many choices of media available to me and feel free to express in a 2 or 3 dimensional manor. A friend of mine recently coined a word for my work as Dremagine or Imadream , as he sees it as a collaboration of my imagination and dreams. It is curious thought to me ... as I soak in the details. As surely, it is the essence of my expression and the process of delightful encounter that truly intrigues me. To live a life of creative encounter so to speak.

I also want to thank the Beeville Art Museum for the invitation to exhibit in the wonderful museum space. It is always a pleasure to share my work and I do hope that it will inspire creativity and enjoyment for all who view it.

On Painting

The objective, essentially, is to create a heightened sense of color interaction, to bring a freshness or clarity to the movement of color. To explore that visual illusion of color and space that reawakens our perceptions. One of the major abstract elements begins with the interest in the fluidity and movement of nature and its particular color and light quality. To create a lasting effect in memory, to make an impression, Imprinting Nature, so to speak.

The works become a kind of meditation on sensuality, sorrow, loss and self-discovery. The vehicle for exploration and expression can be found in paint or glass as well as other materials. I create works because I can, because I need to, for me. Just as I have always done as a young child growing up on the Bay in New York.

On Glass

The objectives, as stated on painting, are the same for Glass. Glass is that three-dimensional expression of my need for exploration to complete the cycle of creativity. Glass is a natural choice for it is extremely alive and fluid.

My deep connection to nature, our greatest teacher of life, constantly surprises and inspires to push the limits of glass beyond the realm of understanding. A meditative dance, it influencing me as I influence it, until the collaboration is complete. As Alfredo Barbini once said, You do not force glass, you follow glass.

Jayne Duryea
April 2012