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Summary of the Exhibition

Jayne Duryea's work features the traditional offhand Italian glass blowing techniques of hot sculptured glass. Her works are three-dimensional expressions, extremely alive and fluid, with a deep connection to nature, constantly surprising, and inspiring.

These techniques are the new contemporary studio glass. There is nothing new under the sun, only new experiences and new expressions through new creative people. Unlike Italy in the past, America offers the opportunity to be free, a new liberation, a hunger for technical knowledge, an artistic expression in glass as opposed to the constraints of tradition of the glass factories in Murano.

This exhibition is entitled, 25 Works, 25 years in Glass, 1988 – 2013. A survey of glass works produced over my 25 years in hot glass. I have displayed the contemporary glass on antique stands as a reference to the duality of; The juxtaposition of Contemporary Glass and the Antique, an interesting concept to me.

I want to thank you, Creative Connections Gallery, for the invitation to exhibit in this wonderful Historical museum space of the Merriman-Bobys House.

The exhibition was March 5 - April 17, 2013 at the Creative Connections Gallery at the Merriman-Bobys House in Heritage Park; 1521 N Chaparral Street, Corpus Christi, Texas  78401,

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