In the Heart of IT

Glass Blowing at ARS Murano Glass Factory in Murano, Italy

On May 16, 2018 artist Jayne Duryea and the ARS Murano team began blowing glass.

The works

become a kind of meditation on sensuality, sorrow, loss and self-discovery. The vehicle for exploration and expression can be found in paint or glass as well as other materials. I create works because I can, because I need to, for me. Just as I have always done as a young child growing up on the Bay in New York.

The objective

is that three-dimensional expression of my need for exploration to complete the cycle of creativity. Glass is a natural choice for it is extremely alive and fluid.

My deep connection to nature, our greatest teacher of life, constantly surprises and inspires to push the limits of glass beyond the realm of understanding. A meditative dance, it influencing me as I influence it, until the collaboration is complete. As Alfredo Barbini once said, You do not force glass, you follow glass.

Jayne Duryea

Project Drawing